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Blacks On Movies

Through the Eyes of Black Folks, Afrocentric Cinematic Perspective is Born

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This Community is closed do to lack of participation

This Community is a film community for Black folk. But it's not just for Black films, but discussing films of all kinds from A Black perspective.

blackeye_cinema means: cinema as seen through the Black eye.

Moderated by: yobachi2003

Anybody will be able to view entries, but membership and posting is for Black people only. It’s open registration, but I reserve the right to block anyone who is determined not to actually be Black.

Now for all the “we are the world, hold hands across America, pie in the sky, politically correct drones”, who want to come at me with asinine challenges about the definition of Black, or want to call it discrimination; as we used to say back in the day, save the drama for your momma. Every group of people has every human right to associate with others of like experience, background, ethnicity, and characteristic, what have you, to exchange ideals from a group centric perspective.

Moving on:

Good/Bad - Alright, we’re going to have a Bad Movies List and a Good Movies List. Anyone can nominate a movie for either list by creating and entry, and telling why it should be on the particular list. Commenters can comment arguing for or against the posters opinion, or just not the vote of agree or disagree. Majority wins.

I’m going to make start list of ten each, and you can make an entry arguing against my pics, or argue for others to go on either list. I think this will make for some fun and engaging debate.

Bad Movies List: I Got the Hook Up, Girl 6, Monsters Ball, Titanic, Star Wars, Episode 1, The Shining(yeah I said it), Texas Chainsaw Mascre 2, The Ring 2, Any Given Sunday, Booty Call

Good Movies List: Hotel Rwanda, Coming To America, Million Dollar Baby, Malcolm X, Ray, Boyz N Da Hood, Fahrenheit 911, A Few Good Men, Shawshank Redemption

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Forum Rules
Pretty Simple:

1) You have to post in good faith. That is you have to post with the intent of staying in line with the focus of the community. Coming here to flame is prohibited.

2) Heated debate is perfectly fine, and I'm not going to play daddy and block people for you over mere name calling. Yet harassing and badgering are not allowed. If it reaches that extent you will be blocked

3) Use LJ-Cuts when warranted. Basically if it’s going to be more than 5 paragraphs, (you can use discretion) put a cut after probably the 3rd paragraph. Also if you have a large pic, or more than two, or one of questionable taste, put them under a cut. And for anything questionable you need to add a tag warning that it’s not work safe; which leads to the next rule:

4) No porn. If it’s something semi-pornographic that has a point, fine, but not gratuitous sexual images just for the hell of it.